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Direct Part Marking

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Part Marking System HMP1520 1

HMP-1520 Part Marking System

The HMP-1520 Advanced Part marking system was designed specifically for aerospace product identification. The system can mark parts as small as fasteners to as large as wing spars from the same platform. The working part of the system couples an industrial inkjet printer to our AS-1000H Handheld transport device. The AS-1000H provides motion of the inkjet print head across the product to create the identification mark. The print head does not touch the product which allows the mark to conform to the rough or contoured surfaces. Our APS-2000 aerospace parts-marking software with a Windows based computer provides an application tailored to the Part Mark requirements of the Aerospace Industry. Database storage of ...
ECM-3000 Connector Marking System

ECM-3000 Connector Marking System

The ECM-3000C is a computer controlled marking system capable of marking cylindrical and linear connector products on the same platform. Cylindrical products such as connector bodies or back shells are set on the spindle and rotated while the inkjet printer is triggered. Linear products are positioned on a T-slot table. The print head is rotated 90 degrees with an adapter fitting and is then traversed over the top of the linear device to make the mark. All print head movement and positioning is controlled from the ECS connector marking software. Print head position and rotary speed data are entered on the touch screen or recalled from the database. Message data for the printer can be typed manually, entered with a barcode scanner, ...
APS-2000 Aerospace Marking Software

APS-2000 Aerospace Marking Software

APS 2000 Aerospace Part Marking Software Standard Features
  • Login with multiple security level function enables
  • Seven (7) data fields
    • Six (6) fields with data identifier programmable by part number
    • One (1) field for automatic date
    • Line, Order, Space allows Multiple fields per print line
    • Six (6) to Eight (8) line print capability (printer dependent)
  • Message box for Part specific Instructions
  • Database Controls
    • Partial Part Number Lookup
    • Security Level controls for Edit, Add and Delete Records
  • Graphics generator for Logos , Inspection Stamps, indicators
    • Up to Four (4) Graphics per mark ...

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