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Marking Accessories

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Power Cart with HMP-1510

Power Cart with HMP-1510

The HMP-1510 Advanced Part marking system was designed specifically for aerospace product identification. The system can mark parts as small as fasteners to as large as wing spars from the same platform inkjet print head in . However, bringing large products within the reach of the marker's umbilical was difficult, and moving the part marker where it was needed required electrical and air connections. The Power Cart addresses this by supplying its own power. Using AGM rechargeable batteries , the HMP-1510 system with a fixed battery pack unit can operate up to 8 hours before recharging. The onboard inverter/charger allows the system to recharge at any convenient 120 VAC outlet during use to extend battery operation. Using the ...
420000 Print Head Stand

420000 Print Head Stand

  • Wide Quad Base for superior stability
  • Aluminum Extrusion Frame construction
  • 58 ” standard Height
    • 18-54 ” adjustable height range
    • Quick clamp Vertical plate for fast adjustment
  • 24 ” horizontal Arm
    • 19 ” Horizontal adjustability
    • Quick clamp Horizontal lock for fast adjustment
    • Print head mounting block with tri-grip locking screw
    • 0-180 degree adjustment
    • Umbilical clamp opposite print head
TTC-1000 Table Top Marking Conveyor 1

TTC-1000 Table Top Marking Conveyor

  • 120 VAC power
  • 0-60 fpm variable speed -up to 200 fpm optional
  • Single fixed guide rail
  • Fiber Optic product detect sensor
  • Encoder output
FPA-2000 Flexible Print Arm

FPA-2000 Flexible Print Arm

The FPA-2000 Flexible Print Ami allows the user to quickly position the Videojet print head over a part on a conveyor. This is particularly useful when the size and orientation of the part changes constantly. The arms are balanced by air cylinders with attached regulators, allowing the operator to quickly and easily move the print head to a position. Once in position a toggle switch at the handle applies air to the clamping cylinders locking the arm in place. An angular adjustment at the print head mounting point allows up to a 90 degree adjustment to allow perpendicular marking of angles or oddly shaped parts. A fiber optic photoeye mounting bracket allows the product detector to mounted directly to the print head for easy and ...
Wire Marking Fixture

Wire Marking Fixture

Mobile Printer Support Stands

Mobile Printer Support Stands

  • Aluminum Construction
  • 32" W X 34" L Base
  • 4 Swivel Castors w/ Brakes
  • 34 ” to Printer mounting surface
  • Mounting Plates available for all printer types.
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