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Multi-Axis Part Marking

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Jetmark 2000 ER Table Mount

Jetmark 2000 ER 2-Axis Inkjet Marker

The JETMARK 2000 ER is a 2-axis inkjet printing system that is designed to mark multiple products in a single setup, or to print multiple messages on a single part. By using an extend-retract motion, the print head is only over the product during marking, enabling unobstructed part or fixture load and unload. Printing can occur in either the X or Y direction depending on print head orientation. The base system offers a 15" x-axis travel with a 6" y- axis reach, however different travels can be provided. Various software options are available depending on user requirements
  • Fixed spacing - single message
  • Fixed spacing - multi-line message
  • Multiple messages at various x-y locations*
  • Large character ...
Tri-Mark 3-Axis Inkjet Marker

Tri-Mark 3-Axis Inkjet Marker

The Tri-Mark is a computer controlled inkjet marking system designed to replace offset, pad and screen printing technologies used to identify aerospace , electronics , and medical products. The marking envelope of 27" (X) by 12" (Y) by 5" (Z) allows the user to mark multiple products in a single setup. The Windows based software simplifies marking setup and provides the ability to quickly modify data based on date codes, lot numbers and serial numbers.

The Tri-mark can be ordered as a table top mount system, or it can be ordered with a workstation. The table mount system includes the Tri-Mark system, a Videojet Excel Printer, and a computer with flat screen monitor. The Workstation provides a mounting platform for the Tri-Mark, the ...

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